Pros & Cons of Stem Cell Research

Created by anonymous on 03/31/2012

Is stem cell research a good or bad thing? Some think it destroys human life others believe it saved their life. Since president Obama lifted a ban on funding it more research is being done.


1.  Helps find cures and treatment for many diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Spinal Cord Injuries and cancer

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2.  The medical possibility are amazing like generating organs or tissue that is a genetic match to the donor

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3.  Better more natural alternate to current drug and radiation treatments

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4.  Some newer techniques use non-embryonic stem cells and do not require the destruction of a human egg

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5.  Saves lives

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6.  Embryonic stem cells can be programed to generate of the 220 cell types that are used to make up human bodies

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1.  Are we messing too much with life and playing God?

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2.  Most of the time it involves using a fertilized human egg, which means if you think life starts at conception that life must be destroyed

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