Pros & Cons of School Uniforms

Created by MSBrooks34 on 02/05/2010

What are the pros and cons of school uniforms?


1.  School uniforms would save parents money. The up front cost of a uniform would be much less than a new wardrobe of the new "coolest" styles.

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2.  School uniforms would save time for both parents and their children. Children would not have to think about what to wear in the morning and parents save time taking children shopping and waiting for them to get ready and in some cases saying "you can't we

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3.  Children who come from a less fortunate economic background would not appear to be "lacking" or made fun of because their parents could not afford to buy them the newest trendy garment. As children are very often harassed or embarrassed because of their c

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4.  Any sort of gang related identity or markings would not be an issue. In addition baggy clothing to used to hide weapons, drugs or pregnancy would make the lives of teens more transparent and less hidden from adults.

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5.  At the end of the day school is primarily a place of learning. The garments worn should be reflective of that. Clothing should be respectful and conservative falling in the lines of the schools dress code. There are many constraints already placed on ones

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6.  Uniforms make identification of children who belong to the school and those that don't easy.

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7.  Children will be that much less focused on appearance and more on learning. Appearance can be very distracting for pre-teens and teens.

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1.  School Uniforms are an upfront expense for families who live off of hand-me-downs and used clothing. Programs to recycle used uniforms and funding to provide poor children with no cost or reduced cost uniforms would need to be in place - thus forcing the

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2.  School uniforms will restrict the outward expression of a child's unique individuality. School's primary function is to educate, but secondarily is a platform for socialization where clothing can play a role.We should not be teaching our children to blend

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3.  In the rare event of an emergency (such as a natural disaster) identification of students by their parents could be difficult if all children are wearing the same exact things.

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